Un-Truth: Paul Pierce needs to stop being ‘petty’ and show Isaiah Thomas some love, Nick Wright explains

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Reacting to the report that Paul Pierce was upset that the Boston Celtics planned to give Isaiah Thomas a video tribute the same night the organization planned to retire Pierce's jersey, Nick Wright explains why he thinks The Truth needs to stop being 'petty,' show IT some love and not compare himself to the legendary Kobe Bryant.

- To quote Draymond Green, "Paul, you ain't Kobe. They don't love you like Kobe. You ain't Kobe." That's an almost direct quote from Draymond Green.

- Yeah, didn't he play for the Wizards, and the Clippers?

- And the Nets? OK, listen, Paul Pierce. You deserved to have your jersey retired. You are--

- A Celtics legend.

- --a Celtics legend. And as far as NBA history, you are somewhere from the 75th to 85th best player ever. In the history of the world to do something. That is a hell of an accomplishment. But how you twist your mouth about to compare yourself to Kobe Bean Bryant is beyond me. And if you're going to be that petty to Isaiah Thomas, I'm going to return it with just-- not even pettiness, just some facts.

Because while Paul Pierce's career in Boston was far greater than Isaiah Thomas's career, the best season Paul Pierce ever had in Boston was not as good as this season Isaiah Thomas just had.

- Mhm.

- Since Larry Bird retired, the Celtics have two top five MVP finishes. One by the guy that won Paul Pierce a ring, and Kevin Garnett. And the other by the little guy, Isaiah Thomas. In their Celtics careers, even though Isaiah Thomas's was very short, they have the same number of first or second team All-NBA appearances.

And the idea that you are going to have your night tarnished because for 90 seconds during a time-out they would dare to pay a tribute to the best player on their team since the Big Three era, prior to Kyrie coming over, is an absurdity. And it's the level of petty I would think, if you are, you would keep off of national television, Mr. Pierce.