Cris Carter on Isaiah Thomas’ return: ‘The expectation is to be an All-Star’

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Cris Carter explains to Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe why he expects to Isaiah Thomas to be an All-Star for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

CRIS CARTER: The expectation is to be an all-star. He's a knocked down shooter. He doesn't have to maintain the ball or run the offense, because LeBron is there. So he has the ability to come back and to be able to slowly, gradually take over the team as the point guard.

The demands on him defensively, they won't be there, because people know. And he had a significant injury. I think it's smart by the team to also have the first game playing at home.

We know he's not going to play back to back. So for people to say, well, they intentionally had him miss the Boston game-- the Boston game doesn't mean anything. And he shouldn't come back in Boston. Don't put that extra pressure.

He's in Cleveland now. Let him play at home. See how he plays the first game. He shouldn't be playing in back-to-back games. And I think that we'll see-- from this point on, I believe Cleveland will either have the best record in basketball from here to the end, or they will have the second best record in basketball from here to the end of the regular season.