Cris Carter reacts to No. 4 Alabama defeating No. 1 Clemson in the Sugar Bowl to advance to the National Championship

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Cris Carter reacts to the No. 4 Alabama Crimson Tide defeating the No. 1 Clemson Tigers in the Sugar Bowl to advance to the National Championship.

- This team is very similar to some of the other teams, but they just don't have the star power on their offense. Unstoppable? No, this is not one of Nick Saban. He's won five national championships, four at Alabama. People want to talk about the last couple that he's lost in the semifinals, one semifinals and the championship game. One to Clemson, one to Ohio State.

But this is not one of his better football teams. Should they have been in the national championship? Well, looking at the Big 10 Champ Ohio State, we can say did they play well enough? Yes. But the Big 10 Champs should have been in there. Alabama sent the message that they are the kings of college football. Nick Saban trying to get his sixth national championship. This is how they win.

When you cannot throw the ball down the field, when your quarterback cannot run the ball against Alabama, the way they play defense, you will not beat Alabama. You can not get into a phone booth and try to-- they have better, big people than you have. What does that mean? They've got better defensive linemen and they've got better offensive linemen than you have.

They're linebackers. We know four of them got injured. But three of them were back. And we could see that defense was-- that was the best defense we've seen at Alabama. And I said that yesterday. They would be even better than the Florida State game, which they started this season. I think that's what the country was shocked at the speed and the power of Alabama.

But this is how they play football. This is not a real special Alabama team, but they are good enough to win the national championship, especially because the quarterbacks who they faced-- Bryant is not Deshaun Watson. Now, God bless his soul, but they could not throw the ball down the field. And with Nick Saban, you have to be able to throw the ball 15 to 25 yards down the field. They had three big plays in the running game and the passing game. I think 16 yards, 19 yards, and a 20 yard run by the quarterback. And that's not good enough to be able to beat Alabama.