Nick Wright reveals why the Golden State Warriors are such a frustrating regular season team

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Reacting to the Warriors' overtime victory over the Los Angeles Lakers, Nick Wright discusses with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe why it's difficult to assess and critique Golden State during the regular season knowing their championship pedigree, previous win streaks and arsenal of MVP-caliber players.

- I should be able to sit here and say the Rockets are better than the Warriors because they play better. They've got a player playing better than anyone on the Warriors. They have a better record.

I should be able to sit here and say the Spurs might be better. They're one loss behind them, and Kawhi Leonard hasn't set foot on the basketball court. The Celtics beat them and have a better record. The Cavs have one more loss than the Warriors-- and they're second best players.

- Now that's shocking based on-- as bad as Cleveland played.

- Yeah.

- You know, sometimes, too, it's when you get your wins and when you got your losses. Cleveland struggled early. Boston struggled early. Boston went on a big streak. Now there's starting to be some correction there. Cleveland started horrendous.

Now, I would say Golden State, they started the way they normally start. They dropped the couple in their first 10, 12 games. But this is not what we were expecting in the month of November.

- And so I just [INAUDIBLE], but I can't say any of it. Because they added Kevin Durant. And when you have 73 win team, when you add the second best player in the world, all logic says you're going to be fine, which is why it's so frustrating talking about this team. They're the only team in the league that we discuss that it feels like there is almost not a-- there is no critique that resonates during the regular season, because all basketball history tells us when you have that much talent you're going to be fine.