Cris Carter unveils the reasons why LeBron James would leave or stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers

In his conversation with Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe, Cris Carter breaks down the reasons LeBron James would leave or stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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- Should LeBron want to play for the 76ers?

- Well, this is the thing. First of all, let's just say that he is going to leave Cleveland.

- Yeah.

- All right. You have to kind of put that context there because it's not as if Philadelphia would ever have a chance if he was going to stay in Cleveland.


- It's this, he's decided to leave. So I think it's important just to say that.


- Now, what would be the teams that he would look-- or franchise he would look to go in? To me, I believe it's an east, west decision.


- Do I decide to go to the Western Conference, or do I want to stay in the Eastern Conference? If he stays in the Eastern Conference, I mean, where else could he go? I believe the only viable opportunities are staying in Cleveland or joining a very young and talented team in Philadelphia.

- Even though he's said time and time again, he really does want to play with a bunch of young players? Like especially going into year 16, you still think he'd be a good fit with a group of young players--

- Whoa.

- --he'd have to start coaching?

- They have five or six young guys. But let me tell you, if LeBron comes there, they're going to get rid of three or four of those other guys to get a couple more shooters.


- So he would balance it out. Kyle Korver-- wherever LeBron goes, you better watch out to see if Kyle doesn't come. JR Smith, JR Smith, man, he'll play for free wherever LeBron--



- LeBron has that type of draw. So it's about getting shooters. LeBron is more apt to play with older players now because he's more familiar with their skill set, and most veteran players have learned the new NBA game, and their jump shots or being able to stretch the floor is better because they understand that compared to the younger players.

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