Chris Mannix on the Cavaliers: ‘They are brutally bad defensively, and Boston is going to gobble them up’

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Yahoo sports writer Chris Mannix joins Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe on First Things First to discuss the Cleveland Cavaliers, warning that the Cavs are nothing like the Cavs of the past and stand to lose big to Kyrie Irving's Boston Celtics in the playoffs.

- I watched the show the day after, and I know you disagreed. You still said, look, don't, you know, when the Cavs make the finals, don't anybody say, you know, everybody remember what they said.

- Yeah.

- At this point.

- OK, Chris. So then, you watched the show. What did I say?

- I forgot. You were right.

- Yes. Then I usually focus on people disagreeing with me--

- I take it back.

- --that I want to fight with.

- I need to go to Legal Sea Foods, which has a great patio, that you've already--

- Beautiful patio, I should get sponsorship from them.

- OK, perfect.

- Look, the Cavaliers, they're hot right now. It's fine. Whatever. But this is not--

- Whatever. I love it.


- This is not the same Cavaliers team of years past, right? Their second best player from last year's wearing green right now. Kyrie Irving is a Celtic, and they are still brutally bad defensively. They're getting a little bit better. They're 24th right now in defensive efficiency. But they're bad defensively, and they're not going to get much better.

Isaiah Thomas coming back is going to make that offense better, Nick. But it's not going to make the defense any better. Dwayne Wade is not going to get better. I'm not convinced Derrick Rose is coming back, even if that's the--

- That's good for them.

- Even if that--

Yeah, I know. I don't know that that matters all that much. Boston is, right now, I think, still the best defensive team in basketball. And that's not going to change. They are the most versatile defensive team in the league right now. They switch everything, and they are going to gobble the Cavs up. I know that it's hard to beat LeBron in four straight, but this has the feeling of LeBron early Cavs years, where he's not surrounded by the type of talent that he needs to get past a successful team like Boston.