Nick reveals Dak Prescott’s major mistake in calling the Week 11 Cowboys – Eagles game a ‘must win’

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In his conversation with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright explains why he thinks Dak Prescott made a major mistake by calling the Week 11 Dallas Cowboys - Philadelphia Eagles game a 'must win'.

- I think Dak made a mistake here calling this a must-win because I think you put your team in a rough spot if you as the leader, you as the quarterback say we have to win this football game and then you lose this football game. You do start out 0 and 2 with this suspension when your season isn't over.

- OK. But a lot of times when you hear a team leader speak, you know what he's repeating? He's repeating exactly what the coach has said to the team. So a lot of time, the leaders of the team you want to have one voice that echoes the same thing. So a lot of times, I would say-- I would only say must-win when the coach said must-win so the other players know it's a must-win situation.

- I agree. If Dak is saying, for us to have any shot at winning the NFC East we have to win this game, well that's obviously true. And by the way, even if they win this game, they are a huge underdog to win the NFC East. They would still, even though they would be 1-0 on the Eagles, they'd still be two games back in the standings.

The question is, can the Cowboys get to the requisite 10 wins I think it's going to take to make the playoffs in the NFC? And they can lose this game and still do that. After this game, they will be favored in at least their next three and maybe their next four.

- Let's-- from a probability standpoint, what do you think is more probable? Them winning this game, or them losing this game going 5 and 5 and getting five wins out of their last six games?

- I think it's more likely that they were to win this game than to go 5 and 1 down the stretch is what you're asking me.

- So it is a must-win then for them?

- I don't think so because we all said when Zeke was suspended that what they had to do to stay afloat was 3 and 3 minimum. That they had to go at least 3 and 3--

- But I think the Falcons was a game you had them winning.

- I did have them winning, absolutely right. So then-- so if you want to, if we look at the stretch after Philly, home for the Chargers, home for Washington, at the Giants. Like, those games they will be favored in all three of those games. And then the last game without Zeke at Oakland, I don't know what the spread will be.

- Wait, wait. First of all--