Daniel Cormier and Michael Bisping take a ride in a bobsled in Calgary, Canada | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

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Daniel Cormier and Michael Bisping take a ride in a bobsled in Calgary Alberta, Canada and make really good time.

- Michael, you know, you're a champion. But you hung out with a double champion on the bobsled slopes earlier in the week. I know you survived.

- I'm the people's champion now.

- You are the people's champion.

- I'm the people's champion, so that's more important. But yes, you're right.

I did hang out with a double champ. I got between his thighs, and I got into a bobsled. It's an experience I never want to repeat I was terrified.

- Let's take a look at it, Michael.

- All right, guys. I'm here at the Winsport Canada Olympic Park. This place is a lot of fun. We're going to do some bobsledding. Let's go check it out.

1988, Winter Olympics, the movie Cool Runnings. You've probably seen it. The Jamaican bobsled team came here. The UFC on Fox team are going to recreate that.

I've brought in the big guns. And here's some extra weight. Here's my man, DC. Ugh.

- Oh.

- Hahaha. Oh, I like speed. Let's do this. Easy, DC. Come on.

ANNOUNCER: On the way down the track here. It's looking like a good run here as they come down through the bottom push of the track. Quite a shaky exit there for them.

They're just coming round that final bend. I can hear the screams from here. 48.47 seconds, and that's a very good run there for our UFC champions here, Michael Bisping and Daniel Cormier.

- That was awesome.

- [INAUDIBLE] I can't get out of this--

- My award winning hair.

- It's nice.

- 48 seconds, not bad.

- Not bad at all.

- Not bad at all. Enjoy the rest of the fights.

- That looked like fun.

- It was a lot of fun. I retired from fighting. I had to find something to fill my competitive needs. Bobsledding is the future, guys. It was a lot of fun.

And you know what, Jamaica did that in 45 seconds. We did it 48 seconds. So three seconds behind--

- Yeah.

- --that's not bad.

- Not bad.

- That was the most grappling I've seen in your whole career.