Rousey and Tate in UFC video game

This week EA Sports announced that its new UFC title will

include women’s bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey and No. 1 title

contender, Miesha Tate.

The new “WMMA” developments are sure to bring up questions for

fight fans and gamers alike.   Thankfully, EA released an FAQ

today that should answer the most likely questions (see


Which female UFC fighters will be in the game?

  • Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate are the only confirmed

    fighters. We will be revealing additional fighters from the

    Women’s Bantamweight division soon

Will female fighters be able to fight against male


  • In order to be authentic to the sport, female fighters will

    not be able to fight male fighters in EA SPORTS UFC.

What game modes will female fighters be available in?

  • Female fighters will be available in Play Now

Can we expect more female athletes in EA SPORTS games moving


  • Female fighters are added on a franchise-by-franchise

    basis. EA SPORTS UFC joins EA SPORTS NHL and Tiger Woods PGA

    Tour in featuring women athletes as playable characters in the


Is the process for building female fighters in-game different

from how you build their main counterparts?

  • Female fighters are built using the same high-resolution 3D

    scan technology to deliver next-generation fighter


The game will be built using EA’s new


Engine that will power a new library of next-gen titles such as


target="_blank">FIFA 14,

target="_blank">Madden 25 and

target="_blank">NBA Live 14.  In case you missed it,

here’s a look at the most recent gameplay exhibition from the

Gamescom 2013

Press Conference.


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