Nate Diaz responds to Conor McGregor’s decision ‘to retire young’

UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor abruptly retired Tuesday afternoon, just eight fights into his UFC career and a little less than three months before he’s scheduled to take the Octagon again at UFC 200.

The entire MMA world was thrown for a loop by the tweet, as some fans and fighters reacted hilariously to the news. But the best reaction of the day, no doubt, goes to McGregor’s UFC 200 opponent and the only man to have beaten him in the Octagon, Nate Diaz.

McGregor, who often talks about creating a legacy and leaving the game as one of the greatest of all time, lost for the first time in his UFC career against Diaz at UFC 196. The Stockton, Calif. Fighter submitted McGregor in the second-round of their record-breaking headlining bout, stopping what, at the time, was an almost uncontrollable hype train.

The pair were slated to face off again at UFC 200 in July, but with McGregor claiming to be on his way out, Diaz sees the UFC 196 victory as mission accomplished.