Jon Jones: ‘I’d kill’ Richie Incognito

Don’t worry, Jonathan Martin. Jon Jones has your back.

The best pound-for-pound fighter in the world said he would “kill” Miami Dolphins alleged bully Richie Incognito Tuesday on “The Sports Junkies,” a radio show in Washington, D.C.

The kicker is that Jones ackowledged on the show that he does not even know who Incognito is. So one of the hosts gave some background and explained Incognito to Jones.

“He’s just this big meathead . . . Probably 6’3, 6’4, 340. So if it’s Richie Incognito against Jon Jones, what’s gonna happen?”

Jones’ reply?

“I’d kill him . . . Someone tweet him and let him know I’d smoke him easy,” Jones told the show’s hosts.

Again, Jones had no idea who Incognito was. He didn’t hear about the offensive lineman’s alleged reportedly horrible treatment of his teammate Martin or his yelling the n-word during a bar rage or him allegedly rubbing a golf club on a woman’s private parts during an event at a country club.

Talk about Incognito has monopolized every sports television for the past 10 days, yet somehow Jones has never heard of the guy. Maybe Jones isn’t a big sports or TV fan. That’s fine. But both of Jones’ brothers are in the NFL. It had to come up in conversation at some point, right? Guess not.

Anyway, hypothetically speaking, Jones said he would be able to easily handle the 320-pound former Pro Bowler if the two got into a scrap when the hosts begged the champ to give him a good ass whoopin’.

“It would be my honor,” Jones said. “I’m gonna start threatening him on Twitter today.”

That never actually happened, likely because Jones forgot Incognito’s name before the interview was over.

Bullying is obviously not an issue in the world of MMA – because the intended victim is liable to spinning back fist the bully upside the head.