Full scorecard for UFC 165 main event

The scoring of the


target="_blank">UFC 165 main event fight between Jon Jones and

Alexander Gustafsson has been under the microscope since Jones

was announced as the unanimous decision winner, giving him a record

sixth UFC light-heavyweight championship title defense. Until now

though, only the total scores have been public.

On Monday morning, Richard Hustwick of Ontario’s Office of

the Athletics Commissioner released the judges’

round-by-round scoring to FOX Sports. Here are those scores:

Judge Chris Lee

Rd. 1: Gustafsson 10-9

Rd. 2: Jones 10-9

Rd. 3: Jones 10-9

Rd. 4: Jones 10-9

Rd. 5: Jones 10-9

Judge Richard Bertrand

Rd. 1: Gustafsson 10-9

Rd. 2: Jones 10-9

Rd. 3: Gustafsson 10-9

Rd. 4: Jones 10-9

Rd. 5: Jones 10-9

Judge Doug Crosby

Rd. 1: Gustafsson 10-9

Rd. 2: Gustafsson 10-9

Rd. 3: Jones 10-9

Rd. 4: Jones 10-9

Rd. 5: Jones 10-9

Interestingly, Gustafsson would have won the bout if it was a

three-rounder, as he was up 29-28 on two cards before Jones swept

the championship rounds to retain the belt. I personally scored the

first and third for Gustafsson and rounds 2, 4 and 5 for Jones,

making it 48-47 for the champion.

src="http://o.static-rs.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2013/09/22/092113-UFC-Fight-Result-PI-AA_20130922024340763_600_400.JPG" />

There has already been a narrative taking hold that Gustafsson

was robbed. In a way, the sentiment is understandable. He fought

the fight of his life. As a massive underdog, he took the champion

to the brink in ways we’ve never experienced or even

expected. But the thought he was robbed is frankly incorrect, if

only because the fight had some rounds with razor thin margins.

Statistical site FightMetric, which scores fights using a

proprietary algorithm called “Total Performance Rating”

scored the fight 49-48 for Jones, which is an interesting result

for illustrating just how narrow the talent gap between them was on

Saturday night. Both rounds 2 and 3 were scored as 10-10 draws,

while round 1 went to Gustafsson and rounds 4 and 5 went to


Most of the media scored the fight for Jones. Here is a sample

of media scores:

FOX Sports: Jones 48-47

Sports Illustrated: Jones 48-47

CBS Sports: Gustafsson 48-47

ESPN: Jones 48-47

Las Vegas Sun: Jones 49-46

Los Angeles Times: Jones 48-47

MMA Fighting: Jones 49-46

Yahoo Sports: Jones 48-47

Bleacher Report: Jones 49-46

Bloody Elbow: Jones 49-46

MMA Weekly: Jones 48-47

MMA Junkie: Jones 49-46

While 11 of those 12 outlets scored the fight for Jones, the

general feeling at the Air Canada Centre among the media was that

the fight was far closer and more competitive than any final score

would indicate.

The fans had a more difficult time picking a winner. At the

arena, the fans booed the decision, though they were pro-Gustafsson

from the beginning in a movement that picked up steam as it became

clear he would mount a legitimate challenge.

MMADecisions.com, which allows fans to score bouts

round-by-round, has to date collected 242 scorecards on the fight.

Their data shows Jones defeating Gustafsson 48-47 as the top

option, earning 36.8% of vote. Right behind at 35.5% is Gustafsson

edging Jones 48-47.

When all the options are added up, Jones was selected as the

winner on 50% of cards, Gustafsson was picked on 43.4% of cards,

and 6.6% of fans believed it was a draw.

In the end though, those are all numbers, and we watch the

fights for the moments that blow past expectations. This was the

kind of fight that drew you in, took hold and left you with

visceral reaction past logical thinking. That’s how sports is

supposed to be, moments over numbers and debate. Because if we

don’t know for sure who won, if there is any question at all

about who the better man is or how scores added up, we can do

something about it. Perhaps the right decision here is the one that

came up even before the decision was read: rematch. For Jones, for

Gustafsson and for the sporting public, there is no better