Mattias Ekholm on Predators’ Game 7 loss to Jets: ‘Tonight wasn’t our night’

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Mattias Ekholm on Predators' Game 7 loss to Jets: 'Tonight wasn't our night'

- It's the first-ever game seven here on home ice. Was there a lot of nervous energy to start this game?

- I thought we started fine, to be honest with you, up until they scored that goal. I thought we were fine. I thought we had the energy. I thought we used it the right way and got some pucks shot at their net. But obviously, with their two goals there, that took the momentum down a little bit, and we were kind of scrambling from there.

But, yeah, it's a tight series. I don't really know what to say. I mean, there's two good teams. I don't think we're a worse team than they are, but they played a better game.

- Take us through that third period. You guys are down two goals, but there's all the belief in the world that this team can come out and win that third period.

- Yeah, well, once again, I thought we had looks. I thought we had chances. We brought the puck to the net and did some good things, but tonight wasn't our night. Obviously this year wasn't our year, so it's something that we gotta learn from, grow from, and then move on.

- You guys were the two best teams in the National Hockey League at the end of the regular season. Just how difficult was this series?

- Yeah, I thought it was two really good teams going at it. And, I mean, we had some games, they had some games. If there's one game I'd like back, it's probably game one, where I thought we were a lot better than them, but they ended up scoring the goals. And then if we would have won that one, we wouldn't have done the game six out in Winnipeg. It would have been fine. But they got the momentum right away with that first win, and then we seemed to never really come back from it.

- Mattias, I know there's a lot of emotion right now and this is not the result you guys wanted, but still a very special season for this team.

- Yeah, I mean, just speaking for myself, it's been a blast coming to the rink every day, and I think we've had a great team. I think we still have a really good group here. I mean, we showed it during the regular year by being number-one seed going into the playoffs. And we just gotta make sure for next year that we get a little better. That we can use that home ice a little bit better too. I mean, in the round two here, we gotta be able to win some more games at home, I think. But other than that, I mean, it was fun year-- obviously not the ending we wanted.

- Thanks, Mattias.

- Thank you.