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The Ultimate Survivor Series Teams

November 20, 2020

By Charlotte Wilder

One of the best parts of my week is recording the People’s Sports Podcast with my colleague Mark Titus, who hasn’t gotten a haircut in close to a year. That fun fact was particularly relevant on Thursday as we dove into Justin Herbert’s newest haircut ...

... and talked about James Harden giving up $50 million a year to stay in Houston. 

But the main point of this episode was to welcome our new coworker Ryan Satin to FOX Sports and make him decide whether Mark or I is cooler than the other!   

Just kidding, we didn’t make him do that. But we *did* ask him to weigh in on some very important questions.

You see, Ryan is our WWE guy here at FOX Sports Digital, and he knows more about wrestling than I know about literally anything in the world. And since this weekend is WWE’s Survivor Series, we thought it would be particularly fun to torture Ryan by building our own Survivor Series teams and making him pick who would win each match. 

(If you aren’t a wrestling fan, the Survivor Series is one of WWE’s main pay-per-views, where five-person teams of superstars from both the Smackdown and Raw brands team up to wrestle each other.)

Mark and I took it to a weird place — because that’s the whole point of the show — by building our ultimate teams made up of four players each from the NFL, NBA, women’s soccer, and MLB. We also tossed in a combo group where any athlete was fair game, as long as we hadn’t already used them on a sport-specific team. 

You should listen to the whole show to hear every minute of our reasoning and learn who came out victorious, but you can check out the teams we assembled here. It was particularly fun explaining our choices to Ryan, who doesn’t follow most sports as closely as we do since he spends every waking hour of his life watching wrestling. It’s a full-time job!

Let us know what you think of our teams and if Ryan made the right call by emailing We always love hearing from you, and if you’re lucky, we might read your note at the end of the show. 


Charlotte’s team:

Troy Polamalu 
Cam Newton 
Rob Gronkowski
Aaron Donald 

Mark’s team: 

Tom Brady
Rob Gronkowski
Vince Wilfork
Wes Welker

Check out our explanations and who Ryan deemed the winner. 

Which NFL Players Would Dominate As A WWE Survivor Series Team?

Mark Titus and Charlotte Wilder created an NFL Survivor Series Team and special guest Ryan Satin picked his favorite. Rob Gronkowski was an obvious choice, but who else made the list?

Women's Soccer:

Charlotte’s team:

Megan Rapinoe 
Brandi Chastain 
Briana Scurry 
Mia Hamm
Mark’s team:

Mia Hamm and Julie Foudy
Hope Solo and Elizabeth Lambert

Check out our explanations and who Ryan deemed the winner. 

Battle of the Women's Soccer Survivor Teams | The People's Sports Podcast

Charlotte Wilder and Mark Titus each pick their combination of Women's Soccer players for a WWE-inspired Survivor Team.


Charlotte’s team:

Draymond Green
Nikola Jokić 
Jimmy Butler 
Mark’s team: 

The 2004-05 Malice At The Palace Pacers
Ron Artest
Stephen Jackson
Jermaine O’Neal
Reggie Miller

Check out our explanations and who Ryan deemed the winner. 

The '04-'05 Indiana Pacers are a Perfect Fit for a NBA Survivor Series Team

If Mark Titus had to pick a NBA Survivor Series Team, he's going with the Malice at the Palace crew. Charlotte Wilder, on the other hand, went for Draymond Green and Jimmy Butler because of their dramatic antics.


Charlotte’s team:

Max "Mad Max" Scherzer
Johnny Damon
David Ortiz
Pedro Martinez 
Mark’s team:
Aaron Judge and Jose Altuve
Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco

Check out our explanations and who Ryan deemed the winner. 

Who Would Win on an MLB Survivor Team? | The People's Sports Podcast

If two MLB Survivor Teams were going head-to-head would Charlotte Wilder's team with Max Scherzer win? Or would Mark Titus' team with the Bash Brothers have the edge?

Combination team:

Charlotte’s team:

Kevin Durant 
Serena Williams
Phil Mickelson  
Tonya Harding

Mark’s team: 


Check out our explanations and who Ryan deemed the winner. 

A WWE Survivor Team of Goats

Mark Titus is convinced no Survivor Team could beat his team of Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Wayne Gretzky and Tiger Woods. Charlotte Wilder thinks her team of misfits including Tonya Harding could give them a run for their money.

A huge thanks to Ryan for coming on the show — follow him @ryansatin and be sure to check out WWE Survivor Series this week!

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