Dominick Cruz pranks UFC fans with injury hoax at open workouts

BY Elias Cepeda • January 15, 2016

Dominick Cruz scared the UFC Fight Night: Dillashaw vs. Cruz open workout crowd into silence Friday, before revealing it all as a prank. The former bantamweight champion fights for just the second time in four years Sunday, in the main event against titleholder TJ Dillashaw, after three ACL surgeries and a torn groin.

So, "The Dominator" has spent a whole lot more time on crutches than anyone should have to in recent years. Serious fans have been looking forward to the day we could watch Cruz bounce around in the cage, healthy once again.

Just days from that happening, however, Cruz appeared covered in a hoodie and hobbling on crutches inside a Boston area UFC gym. He was supposed to put on a show for the fans but slowly moved to the cage while everyone looked on in near silence, perhaps fearing the worst.

Instead, we were all had and Cruz dropped his crutches and somersaulted into the cage once he reached the Octagon steps (above) -- a la Willy Wonka. From there, he pulled off his hoodie and got to work entertaining the fans with fancy footwork and kicks.


Now all that's left is for Cruz to make weight and then head into a cage once more, to try and reclaim what he'd never really lost. 

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