Cat Zingano's first words after losing to Ronda Rousey say it all

BY Andre Vergara • March 1, 2015

Ronda Rousey's 14-second demolition of Cat Zingano on Saturday at UFC 184 stunned fellow athletes and fans around the world, but no one was more stunned than Zingano.

After Rousey submitted her, Zingano remained on her knees, looking down, until Rousey came over, knelt down and hugged her.

The shock still hadn't worn off minutes later when commentator Joe Rogan put a mic in front her while the Staples Center crowd and pay-per-view audience watched.

Zingano's first words said it all.

"I wanna do it again. I just ... F**k."

Watch the whole interview in the video below.

Asked if she felt bad for Zingano after beating her, Rousey paused, then said "Yeah."

So what did she tell Zingano?

"I said 'I'm happy to do this again anytime,' you know? It's hard to feel like you tested yourself when something like that happens, so I think if we fought again it would be very, very different, just like when me and Miesha Tate fought again."

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