Ireland fans sing "clean up for the boys in green" while cleaning town square at Euros

BY foxsports • June 16, 2016

The Ireland fans were the stars of Euro 2012, when they sang loud and partied despite their team going out early and being generally overmatched from the start in every single match.

Four years later, Ireland are back at the Euros and now their fans are taking a different approach to being some of the tournament's favorites: they're cleaning up after themselves ... while singing "clean up for the boys in green," of course.

This isn't too different from the Japan fans who cleaned up after themselves at the 2014 World Cup, although the Japanese did it in the stadium. Nevertheless, it's pretty spectacular and to see the Ireland fans doing it with song only makes it better.

The Euros have been ravaged by visiting fans terrorizing each other and innocent bystanders all across France. It's been terrible and they must be dealt with, but it's important to remember that they also are a small minority of fans at the tournament. The vast majority are there to have a good time ... and sing while they clean up after themselves.


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