Deaf fan lip reads Euro 2012 chatter

Deaf fan lip reads Euro 2012 chatter

Published Jun. 12, 2012 1:00 a.m. ET

When Germany's national soccer team takes to the field in Euro 2012, they've got more than their opponents to worry about: deaf fan Julia Probst is tweeting the players' and coach's remarks after reading their lips.

Using the Twitter handle @EinAugenschmaus ("a treat to the eye") and the hashtag #AbleService, she reveals all that she observes on the field, Spiegel Online reported Tuesday.

That can include everything from the profane to the encouraging ("Come on, Lukas!") to the frustrated ("Oh my god!").

The 30-year-old Probst, who has been deaf since birth, told Spiegel she prefers to watch from home so she can concentrate without interruption.


"I hold my BlackBerry primed and ready, and as soon as I see something, I start typing," she said.

Probst said she lip reads in German and English, and only when the camera angle is good and "I only tweet when I'm sure that I'm correct."

She now has more than 7,700 Twitter followers, Spiegel said.