TUF Talk Episode 9: Getting to know Gutter aka Matt Van Buren

June 11, 2014

Throughout this season of The Ultimate Fighter a few of the competitors have stuck out a bit more than the others, but no one has been more recognizable by their personality that Matt Van Buren aka 'Gutter'.

The Team Edgar fighter seems to find his way into the mix of every controversial event happening in the house and on the latest edition of TUF Talk, Van Buren will explain why he's always in the middle of things.

Plus hear from Van Buren on the explosion in the house following the fallout from the Roger Zapata vs. Ian Stephens fight.  There was plenty more not shown on TV and Gutter will break it down for us.

Van Buren will also explain what went right and what went wrong in his fight with Chris Fields and if Dana White was too rough on his performance when the fight was over.

All this and much more as Matt Van Buren joins the podcast for the first time this season and we get to know Gutter

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