Serial 'dropper' has tormented Norway golf course for 10 years with mystery excrements

BY Brett Smiley • July 27, 2015

This story about one man's decade-long commitment to using a golf course as a public toilet comes from Norway tabloid Rogaland Avis, which does not appear to be a satirical outlet a la The Onion.

The mysterious serial pooper has visted Stavanger Golf Club several times a week since 2005, usually leaving his mark near tee boxes and on trails, though the man has ruthlessly struck cups before.

How do we know it's a man?

"What we find is sort of (too massive) to come from a lady," said groundskeeper and poo detective Frode Jormeland.  

If you happen to be a criminal profiler, see what you can riddle from these additional details:

- The man only on strikes weekday nights, never on the weekends

- He often rides to the crime scene on a bike

- He uses toilet paper

The mystery dropper remains ever at large -- watching, eating, waiting, knowing.

[H/T Golf News Net, Bleacher Report]

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