Please don't tell Rams DE William Hayes that mermaids aren't real

BY foxsports • December 10, 2014

ST. LOUIS -- Defensive end William Hayes has earned a reputation as one of the quirkiest players in the Rams' locker room, and his latest crusade for the existence of mermaids won't do much to change that perception.

It started when Chris Long posted an instragram video on Monday in which Hayes gave a brief explanation of how mermaids were discovered when people were exploring the wreckage of the Titanic.

The next day, another instragram video showed the Winston-Salem State graduate telling an unseen teammate how "education makes people stupid" and somehow makes them not believe in mermaids, complete with some colorful (WARNING: Some is strong) language to solidify his point.

Naturally, I needed to ask Hayes about his odd beliefs myself after Wednesday's practice, and he didn't hesitate in his response.

"Yeah, I believe in mermaids! Do you believe in dinosaurs?" he asked me.

Although I wasn't sure how that was relevant, I answered in the affirmative.

"Why? Because of the fossils?" Hayes replied. "You see how weird that sounds?"

I don't, so he went on to give some convoluted explanation implying that Tyrannosaurus Rex fossils could have come about from other means than the prehistoric animals that once walked the Earth. In his defense, it would be hard to provide definitive proof that mermaids aren't real.

You do you, Mr. Hayes. Brah Brah Bojangles.

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