Longino has big day as ASU moves practice to stadium

BY foxsports • August 19, 2015

Arizona State ran a full 11-on-11 practice Wednesday at Sun Devil Stadium to focus on game management and get the Sun Devils prepared for what it will see on game day, including having some of the coaches and managers up in the press box.

While the offense did not turn the ball over, the defense still did its part and didn't give up the big play on a day where very little scoring occurred. That said, tackling was at a minimum and the practice featured more "touch" tackles than anything as the team continued its focus on keeping players healthy.


-- The defense didn't make any changes to the lineup it set on the field Tuesday to start things off in a group that featured Antonio Longino, Tashon Smallwood, Demetrius Cherry and JoJo Wicker along the front with DJ Calhoun, Salamo Fiso and Laiu Moeakiola as linbackers. Lloyd Carrington and Kweishi Brown continued to hold down the corner positions with Jordan Simone and Armand Perry as safeties.

-- The defense took advantage off a muffed kickoff right out the gates as Longino "sacked" Mike Bercovici for a safety on the opening possession of the day.

-- Longino had a monstrous day with four sacks and a tackle for loss.

-- Gump Hayes had an 80-yard kickoff return to get inside the defense's 15-yard line and a couple of 5-yard runs later, Kalen Ballage got into the end zone for the first touchdown of the day.

-- Ballage had one of the bigger plays on the day later on in the practice, taking a pass out of the backfield for a 40-yard gain inside the five-yard line that set up a Bercovici scoring rush.

-- Jason Lewis continued to see more work with the second team and demonstrated his ability as the work horse sort of runner as he chipped away at 4-6 yards gain on about five straight carries to help the Sun Devil offense down the field and also had a nice catch and run out of the backfield.

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