Fox Sports Ohio Girl Sara to help salute the military

BY Connor Kiesel • February 4, 2014

Fox Sports is bringing Spring Training to the Troops and Fox Sports Ohio Girl Sara is ready to be a part of it.

Current MLB players, legends, FOX broadcasters and the Fox Sports Girls will visit Fort Bragg U.S. Army Base in North Carolina Feb. 4-7.

Sara, who was part of the "Spring Training to the Troops" program last year, is honored to be participating again.

"Last year, I had the amazing opportunity to visit our troops at Grafenwoehr Army Base in Germany and it was the experience of a lifetime," Sara said. "I am even more thankful this year that I get to experience it again."

Along with the other attendees, Sara will get the chance to train with soldiers, including morning physical training, a 34-foor tower jump and a number of other training activities.

It's particularly special for Sara, whose dad and grandfather were both Marines and other grandpa was in the Navy. She also has several other relatives in the military, including a cousin serving as a Naval Doctor.

"It really brings a new perspective to the sacrifice our soldiers make when you experience their training, go though their drills, and get a dose of the daily life on base firsthand," she said.

MLB participants will conduct youth baseball clinics for children of troops, visit schools on base and hold a friendly wiffleball game. Sara will have a featured role in the pregame events at the wiffleball game.

"I'm very honored that I was asked again to sing the National Anthem at our wiffleball game on base where some of the troops will play against current MLB baseball players, MLB Legends, and FOX broadcasters," Sara said.

FOX Sports is deeply supportive of our soldiers who make such a great sacrifice to our country and the trip provides an opportunity to fill them with some of the fun of spring training.

"It's such a honor to take part in saluting our military and the soldiers with this trip," Sara said.

Look for more details about the trip from Sara when she returns.

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