Ex-NBA star McGrady trying to switch careers to baseball?

BY Shawn Ramsey • February 1, 2014

Former NBA star Tracy McGrady became a part-owner in September of an independent league baseball team set to start play in Biloxi, Miss., in 2015.

However, McGrady might be looking to do more than just be an executive. Rumor has it that he actually wants to pitch for the new ballclub.

During Friday night's Thunder-Nets telecast, ESPN announcer, and former coach of McGrady, Jeff Van Gundy told the world of the seven-time NBA All-Star's possible plans.

"I think (McGrady's) going to play independent league baseball as a pitcher this year." Van Gundy said. "I'm being serious. I've heard from sources in Houston, seriously, that he's throwing over 90 miles per hour."

McGrady's love for America's Pastime isn't exactly new news. He's said for a long time that baseball has always had a special place in his heart.

"I love baseball. That was my first love," McGrady said last fall after the deal for the Biloxi team was official according to ExNBA.com. "Even to this day I love baseball more than I love basketball."

Hopefully McGrady's baseball career will turn out better than Michael Jordan's did when he took a hiatus from basketball to play in the minor league system for the Chicago White Sox.

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