Can the Bengals avoid being in the AFC's cellar?

BY foxsports • November 18, 2010

By Marc Hardin
FOX Sports Ohio | Bengals Insider
Thursday, November 18th, 2010

When the win-starved Bengals host the one-win Buffalo Bills on Sunday in their 1 p.m. game at less-than-sold-out Paul Brown Stadium, let the bodies hit the floor.

Who ever loses this game between the Bengals (2-7) and the Bills (1-8) is going to be widely perceived as not wanting to win bad enough. That's not good for player morale. It's not good for coaches' futures. It's not good for the general perception of general managers/team presidents. It's not good for the weary fan bases.

Nobody wants to be on the bottom of the pile, just ask out-for-the season Bengals kicker Mike Nugent, who sacrificed his kicking knee, and possibly his career, for a team that had to resort to an onside kick to stay in the game against the Colts, only to watch his team trade the recovery of the kick for the recovery of the kicker when Jermaine Gresham fumbled away the opportunity for a possible victory.

If we are Jermaine Gresham, we're taking care of the holidays for the Nugents. Everything.

Nugent will be home for the holidays with injuries to two knee tendons. He won't be in uniform for the Bengals on Sunday when they try to prove they aren't the worst team in the AFC, and Nugent may never again suit up for Cincinnati.

It's been that kind of season for the vexed, victory-starved, banged-up Bengals.

BLACKOUT: Speaking of the Bengals' fan base, its apparently dwindling and losing interest. The team's ticket office announced officially today at 1:06 p.m. that Sunday