Bobby Hebert Rips Les Miles for Not Inserting Jarrett Lee

Bobby Hebert Rips Les Miles for Not Inserting Jarrett Lee

Published Jan. 10, 2012 12:00 a.m. ET

Last night very few media members were present for Les Miles's postgame press conference because Alabama was still celebrating on the field.

So you can imagine how awkward it was when Bobby Hebert, the father of LSU offensive lineman T-Bob, a former Saints quarterback and current host of the most popular sports talk show in the state, sat on the front row of the press conference and opened up the affair with this stem-winding diatribe that lasted 126 words and prompted the moderator to interrupt and ask what the actual question was.

I had no idea who Hebert was so for a moment I thought a deranged Cajun LSU fan, clad head to toe in LSU Tiger gear, had taken over the press conference.

Given the relationship between the two men, awkward doesn't even begin to describe this question.


Of course this is not Bobby Hebert's first brush with YouTube fame.

This is him cheering in the press box during a New Orleans Saints game.

The word awesome does not do this clip justice.

I particularly like the other media member grabbing his head in the foreground.

And, finally, here is Bobby Hebert wearing a skirt and doing the stanky leg dance after the Saints won the Super Bowl.

Needless to say, I love Bobby.