A-Rod speaks of first career home playoff start

BY foxsports • January 11, 2012

GREEN BAY, Wis. – In this week's media session with Aaron Rodgers, the Packers quarterback talked about getting ready for the Giants, starting a playoff game at home for the first time and much more.

Five question-and-answer highlights:

1. How has preparation been this week for the upcoming game against the Giants?
I think it’s been good. We came in here on Monday, got some work in, got some preparation in. I know a lot of guys have their computer or their IPad they can watch their film on and take it home with them. I’m sure, like myself, Tuesday was spent watching film. Today was, you know, business as usual for a Wednesday for the install and practice. It’s a full-time job to be prepared and hopefully everybody has that preparation this week and that confidence on Sunday.

2. This will be your first time starting a playoff game at home. What are you expecting?
We're hoping for a great crowd and a loud, raucous environment. I think that's the one thing that you noticed going on the road last year in the playoffs, Philly, Atlanta, Chicago, it was tough to hear all three places. That can have a big impact on their offense if they have to do a lot of silent count stuff, that can maybe allow our defense to get a half-step quicker off the ball. So we're hoping for that loud crowd that we're used to at Lambeau and a fast start.

3. Do you stay up-to-date with possible weather conditions for the game?
I monitor it all year. With the Iphone, you have that weather app, so I plug in the city we're playing that week and make sure I'm aware of the weather. I think it helps to know what you're being prepared for. I don't know what everybody else is feeling, I'm kind of hoping for 10 or 15 degrees on Sunday. I know we're going to get a lot of snow (Wednesday night). But the elements I think can help us out a little bit.

4. How much better has Giants QB Eli Manning been this season?
I don't know if it was Justin Tuck, or one of those guys said 'You can't spell elite without the e-l-i.' I thought that was pretty intelligent there. But he's played great, for the majority of his career, especially the last five, six years he's been at the top of his game. It's fun to watch. He throws the ball efficiently, he has good feel in the pocket, he's a winner, he's consistent. He's playing great, which makes it difficult for our defense. Offensively, you've got to expect them to play well and us to need to score some points.

5. How do you think B.J. Raji did in his new commercial with you?
I was teasing B.J. I think he was a little nervous starting out the shoot, we had to do a bunch of takes in general just to get the right feel. I was trying to get him to loosen up more and do more of a hip gyration, like he did after the interception return in the NFC Championship last year. But I think him and Clay (Matthews) did a good job, fun to work with them and fun to work with that group.

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