Schrager podcast: Why the timing of Colin Kaepernick's statement was wrong

BY foxsports • August 30, 2016

This week on the Peter Schrager podcast, Schrager discusses Trevor Siemian's path to the NFL, how he stole the starting job in Denver, and what it means for Mark Sanchez. Plus, Colin Kaepernick made his political stance, but the timing of it is really working against him. The Chargers finally came to a deal with their first-round pick Joey Bosa. Behind the scenes, how did the deal get done? And how will the long holdout affect his play on the field and chemistry in the locker room?

Schrager is joined this week by former NFL QB Jordan Palmer, who now works very closely in the development of young quarterbacks from high school to the NFL. Palmer has worked directly with or played alongside some of the top signal callers in the game. He gives his thoughts on a variety of QB situations in the NFL, including why he feels the Tony Romo era is over in Dallas, why we shouldn't be surprised if Blake Bortles leads the Jaguars to a 12-win season, why Kaepernick chose very poor timing to make his political stance, and how Clemson's Deshaun Watson is even better than we think. 

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Peter Schrager

:30 —€” The Trevor Siemian story: How he landed in the NFL, stole the starting job in Denver, and why it could spell the end of Mark Sanchez

5:35 — The next few days could determine Colin Kaepernick's future in the NFL, and how the timing of his political stance is working against him

7:25 —€” How the Joey Bosa situation finally got done, and what will the Chargers now get from him?

Jordan Palmer

16:45 —€” Trevor Siemian's history with the Broncos helped him edge out Mark Sanchez for the starting job

19:10 —€” The Tony Romo era is over. The Cowboys are Dak Prescott's team

22:10 — Romo hasn't built up his body during his career, and it's contributing to all his injuries

24:20 —€” How do the Cowboys adjust their offense to fit Dak Prescott? 

26:25 —€” Can Blake Bortles lead Jacksonville to a 12- or 13-win season?

30:00 —€” Is Andrew Luck overrated? Or are his expectations too high?

35:15 —€” The Titans' success could ride on how they scheme their offense for Marcus Mariota

39:40 —€” How will Blaine Gabbert fit into Chip Kelly's offense in San Francisco?

43:00 —€” The timing of Colin Kaepernick's political stance could have a serious negative impact on his ability to make the 49ers roster or the team's ability to trade him 

48:00 —€” The only good scenario for the Rams is if Jared Goff lights it up. Not a good scenario if Case Keenum or Sean Mannion is the starting QB

51:45 —€” Jordan's unique relationship with his brother Carson, what it was like rehabbing him through his ACL tear, and what motivates him to continue playing football

58:10 —€” Clemson's Deshaun Watson is a better QB prospect than most people think. He's the most NFL-ready QB we've seen in a very long time

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