Philip Rivers: Chargers-Seahawks scuffle was 'kind of fun'

September 2, 2015

Philip Rivers didn't appreciate the extra helmet shove he received from Seattle's Frank Clark.

But boy, does San Diego's franchise quarterback appreciate a good old-fashioned tussle.

"There's no hard feelings on my end," Rivers told ESPN's Eric D. Williams about his on-field skirmish. "It was kind of fun to be in a little scuffle."

Don't tell that to Chargers head coach Mike McCoy. NFL officials are looking for extracurricular roughness this year -- and they found it when left tackle King Dunlap entered the fracas to protect his QB.

Dunlap was hit with a 15-yard penalty. Other than that flag, Rivers doesn't see the harm in a little preseason pushing. 

"There's been way more made of it than what there is," Rivers said. "I always thought, shoot, what happens between the lines -- what's said and what's done -- kind of stays there."

(h/t ESPN)