Marshawn Lynch’s post-football life begins with camel riding in Egypt

BY Dan Carson • February 29, 2016
Marshawn Lynch on a camel

Beastmode ghost riding the beast with American Football Without Barriers (AFWB).

Posted by Seattle Seahawks on Monday, February 29, 2016

Marshawn Lynch is currently abroad riding camels in Egypt, which is a great and true sentence.

Newly retired and with time to spare, Lynch joined Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams, Cleveland Browns tight end Jordan Cameron and other NFL players on a goodwill foray in Egypt sponsored by American Football Without Borders.

AFWB's stated goal is to help poverty-stricken communities and spread American football to the world. And judging by recent video that's surfaced from the trip, Lynch has taken it upon himself to do the Lord's work from camelback.

The Seahawks posted a video Monday of Lynch riding a camel near the Pyramids of Giza outside Cairo. Sufficed to say, he could not be happier.

"We mobbing, you feel me?" Lynch said. "We ghost-riding the camel right now!"

Disregard that he's not actually ghost-riding the camel. These are semantics. Lynch is, at least in spirit, ghost-riding an even-toed ungulate through some of civilization's most ancient ruins.

So who rode it better? Lynch or Adrian Peterson? 

Got to go with Marshawn here. I think Mistah Fab would agree. 


Dan is on Twitter. If you got a new camel. And it's a mighty fine mammal. What you gon' do? Ghost-ride it (ghost-ride the hump).

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