Josh Norman says he will hit Odell Beckham in the mouth until 'he stops crying'

BY foxsports • September 4, 2016

Josh Norman and Odell Beckham Jr. do not like each other. We all know this -- their war of words is well-documented as are their actions on the field when squared up against each other.

With Josh Norman now on a different team, you'd think maybe the rivalry between the two would die down over the summer.


After reading Beckham's interview in GQ, where Odell said Norman was using Beckham to "make a name for himself," we learned this weekend via a report by The Charlotte Observer's Scott Fowler that Norman isn't just picking things up with Beckhan where they left them off -- he has an AGGRESSIVE message for Odell:

And then, the declaration:

Giants vs. Redskins, September 25th. Appointment television.

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