Does Twitter go wild over Packers-Cardinals? Hail yeah!

BY foxsports • January 17, 2016

Saturday night's Cardinals-Packers game sent Twitter into a frenzy of superlatives and emotion with about as wild a finish as you're ever likely to see in the NFL playoffs.

In fact, when Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers connected with Jeff Janis for the tying touchdown as regulation ended on a Hail No Hail Mary, the NFL's official Twitter account became completely discombobulated.

After the game, with more time to reflect (and type), tweeters opined on how this contest exemplified the NFL's status as our most compelling sport/entertainment.

So, was this one of the most metal wins ever?

Meanwhile, from another end of the music world and elsewhere, we had a disgruntled take on the NFL's overtime rules.

There was that foolishness with the coin that wouldn't toss before OT.

Which meant that you knew something like this was coming.

Speaking of knowing what was coming, the game had one old quarterback feeling a bit of deja vu.

Others celebrated the greatness displayed on the field, in particular by Larry Fitzgerald and Rodgers.

Finally, we have a reminder that, even with this loss, of whom Rodgers gets to go home to.

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