Draymond Green explains why he never trash talked Tim Duncan

May 15, 2016

Draymond Green has emerged as the best trash talker in the league - he was voted No. 1 in an anonymous poll of coaches and players conducted by the L.A. Times earlier this year - but there's one player that Green didn't try and rile up on the court.

In a playoff diary published by ESPN, Green wrote about the time he tried to trash talk San Antonio Spurs legend Tim Duncan in his rookie year. Duncan's response made Green change his approach.

"I do have a Tim Duncan story. My rookie year I kind of talked junk to everybody. In the middle of the game I started talking to Tim, and I had already got into it with somebody on their team. I don't remember who it was. But I started talking to Tim and he kind of just stared at me. I just kept talking junk to him and he kept staring at me.

At that point I realized during the rest of my career that I might as well not talk to him. Either, one, he is not going to talk back because he has no respect for me. Or, two, he is not going to talk back because that is who he is. Or, three, both. I figured then that was the last time I would talk junk to Tim. And that was the last time."