GM Evans breaks down what Giants like in Marlon Byrd

BY foxsports • August 21, 2015

The San Francisco Giants needed an outfielder, all the more so with star right fielder Hunter Pence recently injuring his oblique, but what was it in Marlon Byrd that appealed the Giants?

Byrd, a 37-year-old veteran outfielder, has been in high demand for contending teams over the past few seasons, as the Giants are his sixth team in four years.

This season with the Cincinnati Reds, the left-fielder has hit .237/.286/.448 with three home runs and 19 RBI.

So, what inspired the Giants to acquire the veteran outfielder?

"Marlon's a professional, he comes ready to play every day, and we've had good reports on him," general manager Bobby Evans said. "He's tough on lefties, and he can still cover good ground. He doesn't profile well from an arm perspective in right field, but it'll remain to be seen how we ultimately use him."

While Pence is out of the lineup, manager Bruce Bochy says he'll pencil in Byrd in left field, presumably due to his arm, and move current left fielder Nori Aoki, who has experience in right field, to the No. 9 position.

"I really respect how Marlon plays the game, and of course, he gives us another needed bat in the lineup," Bochy said. "I've spoken to him on the phone, and he's excited about coming here. With us banged up, it's fair to say we need some help and experience, and he's going to supply that for us."

(h/t San Jose Mercury News)

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