Corey Dickerson incredibly swatted a bouncing ball for a double

BY Chris Bahr • May 31, 2017

Things are going so well for the Rays’ Corey Dickerson this season that opposing pitchers can’t even bounce baseballs past him.

Dickerson went 2-for-5 in Tuesday’s 9-5 loss to the Rangers, giving him an MLB-best 72 hits on the season. However, it was his first hit – a third-inning double off Nick Martinez – that proved just how well the ball is bouncing for him this season.

Yep, Dickerson hit that one on a bounce. It certainly brought back fond memories of notorious bad-ball hitter Vladimir Guerrero, who never saw a pitch he didn’t think he could handle (and he often was correct).

Dickerson leads the American League with a .346 batting average, thanks in part to his cricket skills.

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