Bryce Harper cheated in a game of Catchphrase on 'The Tonight Show'

May 17, 2016

Bryce Harper and the Washington Nationals are in New York this week for a series against the New York Mets, but with an off day on Monday, Harper found himself with some free time on his hands. Naturally, he made use of that spare time by popping by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon for a game of Catchphrase against comedian Andy Samberg and model Gigi Hadid.

It turns out Hadid and Samberg are a Catchphrase powerhouse, so Harper stretched the boundaries of correct answers a bit to keep up. The baseball star decided that "drop the mic" was an acceptable answer for "mic drop" and "marshmallows" was an acceptable answer for "s'mores."

Some might call that cheating. Others may refer to it as "Making Catchphrase Great Again."

Harper's brother Bryan called foul on that style of play, though, and he claimed Bryce has a long history of bending the rules in games like Catchphrase.


There has been no word from any professional Catchphrase league as to whether Harper will be punished for his actions during Monday night's game.