Blown call gives the St. Louis Cardinals a free victory in playoff race

BY Barry Werner • September 30, 2016

Cincinnati attempted to challenge the play of what appeared to be a ground-rule double, but the umpiring crew did not see an immediate signal from the Reds that they intended to challenge the call on the field for Molina's double.

At the end of innings, replay rules require a team to signal an intent to review within 10 seconds of the call and to challenge the call within 30 seconds of the initial rule. According to crew chief Bill Miller, Major League Baseball's interpretation of the rules is that a challenge at the end of the game must be made immediately.

Miller and his crew gave the Reds time and then left the field.

Reds manager Bryan Price waded through the crowd behind home plate and met the umpires near their dressing room to make his case. Miller said they explained the rule to Price and did review the play. The video review showed the ball bounced off the signage and would have been a ground-rule double, Miller said.

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