Fury Unleashed

March 28, 2020

It was billed as one of the greatest heavyweight fights of all time, and Wilder-Fury II lived up to the hype.

As we all try to make the best of staying home and staying healthy in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, FOX Sports is bringing you exclusive re-airs of some of the best sporting events in recent history. And since Friday night is fight night, tonight meant the epic collision between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury, only on FS1.

The night began with all the pageantry of the ring walks for both fighters. The Gypsy King chose a regal aesthetic, entering on a throne, adorned in a crown and robe:

Wilder went bigger, decked out in an incredible set of armor with a skull facemask:

And if it looked heavy, you'd be right. In fact, after the fight, Wilder pointed to his entrance attire as part of the reason he wasn't able to put on his best performance.

But we'll get to that. First things first, let's start with, well, the first round.

Fury set the tone early, consistently coming forward, forcing Wilder back, and delivering blow after blow to the Bronze Bomber:

Despite Fury's proclamation he would score a knockout victory in the second round, Wilder bounced back, with the two Goliaths exchanging blows, including after the bell:

That's when things got very real.

In the final minute of the third round, the referee separated Wilder and Fury after they locked up in the middle of the ring. As soon as they were apart and ready to resume boxing, Fury unleashed a devastating punch to the side of Wilder's head, scoring a stunning knockdown:

Fury. Kept. Coming. Wilder did his best to fend him off in the fourth, but the damage was clear — and accumulating quickly.

In the fifth, with Wilder backpedaling and on the defensive, Fury scored a second knockdown, as the outcome started to feel inevitable.

The sixth round, though, gave us the single indelible image of the fight. Wilder had been busted open, and Fury took it upon himself to lick some of the blood of his opponent. For ... reasons, apparently.

At that point, this one was academic. Fury backed Wilder into the neutral corner, split his guard with a couple more ruinous punches, and forced the official to stop the fight, handing Wilder his first career loss:

Fury celebrated his PBC Heavyweight title win in proper fashion, serenading the crowd in a spot-on rendition of American Pie:

Indeed, that's a song fit for a king.

And the final fight stats showed just how lopsided of a contest this was:

That leaves the series between these two titans tied at one apiece. And Wilder has already said he'll be coming for that rematch.

We can't wait.

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