90 in 90: Panama vs. United States | 2018 CONCACAF Women’s Championship

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Watch 90 minutes of Panama vs. United States in 90 seconds.

COMMENTATOR 1: This is just the second all-time meeting between the US and Panama. The only other meeting-- 2002, a 9-0 win. We're underway from Cary, North Carolina. USA in the white with the red and blue trim, Panama in all red.

Usually for the US and corners. She's not playing tonight, not starting. Nodded down and off the bar and in. The US has struck first. The US.

COMMENTATOR 2: She just glances in front of her player and then gets between those two defenders right at the six, and a nice snappy header, glancing it into the far post.

COMMENTATOR 1: She looks again, back post area, and that's deflected in. Carli Lloyd.

COMMENTATOR 2: Carli Lloyd-- great timing on that. Just drifts into open space. You can see how easily she beats Mills to get open, and then it looks like Jaen isn't able to close her down, nor is Bailey. She's caught off her line. She tries to get a hand to it, but too much power.

COMMENTATOR 1: Lloyd holding it up well, now goes toward goal. Lloyd looking, shooting, Lloyd with a goal! 3-0 USA, two for Carli Lloyd.

COMMENTATOR 2: Lloyd just sitting off that line, senses the pressure, and then rolls her, beats that defender right there with a little hesitation, and that's a sweet finish. No movement on that ball, it looks like at first glance. I love this turn there-- just shimmies the hips and then slides by that second recovering defender.

COMMENTATOR 1: Straight ahead, Press. Can she beat two? She's already behind both. Christen Press into the box. Press fakes, looks, net's empty, goal for Christen Press.

COMMENTATOR 2: It's a poor giveaway by Quintero, but that first ball that just penetrates, pierces the line, beats everyone. And then you see the pace of Press, her ability to pull away. She sends Bailey to ground with a little hesitation.

COMMENTATOR 1: A lot of space there for runs, played across by Lavelle-- Lloyd. Three for Lloyd.

COMMENTATOR 2: Easy slot there for her. Rises up, and again, it's just no one's on her. Clear path to the ball, a little tucking of the header, right underneath Bailey.

COMMENTATOR 1: Final whistle. Well, they kept a better scoreline than Mexico. We saw some good things tonight from Panama, but so many great things from the USA in this 5-0 win over Panama. Yenith Bailey with a great night in goal, despite giving up all of those goals. Hat trick tonight for Carli Lloyd. Press had one. Mewis had one.