Sporting Kansas City vs. Real Salt Lake | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Full highlights between Sporting KC and Real Salt Lake.

COMMENTATOR 1: Will RSL be in postseason for just the third time in last five years? Under way.

Savarino now on the left. Joao Plata on the right. Savarino slipping it through. Baird's onside. A mistake for Opara. Corey Baird, his first start in over a month, giving RSL the first goal of a game that they really want to win to stay above The Galaxy for that sixth and final playoff spot.

COMMENTATOR 2: And for Real Salt Lake, the pass initially from Brooks Lennon to open this play up, that created the overload, where they has the advantage in numbers. Forced Sporting Kansas City to shift. They had the advantage. It's a wonderful slip past. Ike Opara falls to the ground. Then Corey Baird in behind has the composer to tuck that one away with the left foot.

COMMENTATOR 1: Gutierrez, this is ensuing free kick. Opara was up there, as was Beslar.

COMMENTATOR 2: Oh, my goodness.

COMMENTATOR 1: It's a miss on the doorstep.

COMMENTATOR 2: Krisztian Nemeth has scored just once in his seven games since returning.

Look at this. He just has to tap it home. A gaping wide hole.

COMMENTATOR 1: Savarino back on the right being harassed by Sinovic and Gutierrez. He gives it away. Espinoza, Russell's running in behind. He got in behind. Johnny Russell! Saved by Nick Rimando.

Gutierrez for Graham Zusi. Herrera long run back. Zusi deflect across. What a recovery, Nick Rimando, who was already air-born.

And Russell the in swinger. And Rimando stay there!

Opara into the ball. Ike Opara scored more goals in his career against RSL than any other team. And he's tied this game early in the second half.

COMMENTATOR 2: [INAUDIBLE] out right in the middle. He gets a great, long run at it. Nobody putting pressure on the ball. Rimando was never going to get there. Poor marking from Real Salt Lake, but what a delivery from Russell. In-swinging ball, hits it. Great run, the timing of the run as well.

And he heads it to the back post.

COMMENTATOR 1: Opara coming to beat Plata. Zusi trying to recover. Opara and a tackle.

COMMENTATOR 2: What a tackle from Opara.

COMMENTATOR 1: Job not entirely done. Savarino from Kreilach. Savarino letting fly. And Melia, did he get a finish through that? Yes, he did.

COMMENTATOR 2: They've got numbers here, John.

COMMENTATOR 1: Savarino, he's got Baird busting along through the middle, try to get on the end of it. Corey Baird off the bar. Sinovic clears it away. He thought for sure he scored at second.

COMMENTATOR 2: Try and loop it up over Melia. Jose Hernandez thinks he's going to keep him offside.

COMMENTATOR 1: Sinovic went into a [INAUDIBLE] tie with Savarino. Ilie, Rubio-- Fernandes running outside of him gets in behind. Gerso Fernandes is onside. Rimando, what an aggressive step to get there. Glad sliding through. Rimando is down. Referree Kevin Stott stops the play. Nick Rimando's down.

COMMENTATOR 2: Quickly Nick Rimando comes off his line here to close the angle.

COMMENTATOR 1: Zusi out wide. Herrera the defender. Zusi trying to create the space coming through. Rubio! Saved by Rimando. And he covers up.

COMMENTATOR 2: What a job here by Zusi recognizing just a slight hesitation, cuts it back, puts it into a dangerous spot. And Rubio has such a good look at this. He's trying to go back to the far post.

COMMENTATOR 1: That was Baird who scored the opener way back in the ninth minute for RSL. It gets them a point, but keeps two away from Kansas City. Baird's early goal equalized by Ike Opara early in the second half. He the bar in the 73rd minute. Could have been a winner.