The Journey: Lindsey Horan

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The Journey follows USMNT midfielder Lindsey Horan, who at 18-years-old made one of the most difficult decisions of her life.

ANNOUNCER: Rejecting a full ride to powerhouse North Carolina, turning pro instead in Paris, to now becoming a champion and an MVP in NWSL with the Portland Thorns. It has been quite a journey for Lindsey Horan.

LINDSEY HORAN: I chose a different route. And so many people were against it. And I didn't have all of the support I wanted to. But I had the support from the right people.

But now what's the next goal? And where do I want to be in a few years? I haven't made a World Cup roster yet.

WOMAN: I think about players that impact those big moments. I think about Lindsey. And I think about her having a big moment in the World Cup and impacting the game for a long time. And I'll be the first person to share that joy with her because we've kind of been on this journey together. And I just love the kid.

LINDSEY HORAN: I sometimes have to sit back and realize, like, Lindsey, you made the right decision. And look where you are now. I don't want to sit here and be content with that. I want so much more. And I'm so happy that now I have the opportunity to push for bigger and better things.

ANNOUNCER: You can check out more episodes of "The Journey" at So there's the Concacaf Women's Championship-- Mexico, Panama, and Trinidad in the group stage. The big one's October 14 here on FS1. The knockout round to get to the World Cup--