Wayne Rooney and his DC United teammates discuss his last-second heroics against Orlando City

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Hear from Wayne Rooney and his teammates on the captain’s stoppage-time heroics against Orlando City that gave DC United a vital three points.

ANNOUNCER 1: DC wants to get this corner kick off quickly. Ousted up. Love it.

DAVID OUSTED: I look out the bench, and Ben is waving me forward.

- I seen Dave going up the field, and I was surprised, because it was 2-2.

ANNOUNCER 1: D.C. United going all-out after it. It's Ousted! Cleared.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, footrace the other way. Look who's running hard after it defensively, Wayne Rooney. That net is empty.

WAYNE ROONEY: I just had to run back there as quick as I could to time-- get the ball back in. Thankfully the guy took a touch. I could a tackle.

ANNOUNCER 1: Big collision by the captain. That is unbelievable effort.

- Yeah, I seen him in a bit of space, and I put it into an area.

ANNOUNCER 1: Rooney putting one up. Acosta, header, goal!


ANNOUNCER 1: Hat trick, Acosta!

WAYNE ROONEY: Thankfully, the goalkeeper stayed, and he got a great leap and a great finish.

ANNOUNCER 2: But guess what's happening right now.

ANNOUNCER 1: I can tell you what's happening right now-- VAR.

ANNOUNCER 2: You bet.

ANNOUNCER 1: This is nuts. All right. Go on. Look.


The VAR signal, and goal.


Now he celebrates.

BEN OLSEN: He made a hell of a play. It's what he's about. He's a winner, and he's selfless, and he has come here to prove himself, even though he doesn't need to.

DAVID OUSTED: We need the 3 points, and then everybody knew it, so it was getting, and getting it in that fashion, where they could have gone the other way and then put one in on us, was huge for the group.

ANNOUNCER 1: DC United gets a big 3 at home.

ANNOUNCER 2: What a game. What a game.