Wayne Rooney stops counterattack for Luciano Acosta hat trick | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Wayne Rooney stops an Orlando counterattack for Luciano Acosta to complete his hat trick in stoppage time for D.C. United.

ANNOUNCER: Cleared. A footrace the other way. And look who's running hard after it defensively. Wayne Rooney. That net is empty. Big collision by the captain. That is unbelievable effort. Rooney putting one up. Acosta. Header-- goal! Hat trick, Acosta!

That is an amazing [INAUDIBLE]. It started with Wayne Rooney coming back, winning the ball. All right, so Wayne Rooney-- wonderful tackle here. A bit of individual heart, effort. But that's not enough. He wants to do more. Cross field ball.

ANNOUNCER: To the smallest guy in the field.

ANNOUNCER: Hit in the back of the net, but guess what's happening right now?

ANNOUNCER: I can tell you what's happening right now. VAR.


ANNOUNCER: Because JC Rivero had his hand on the earpiece, and he's going to come over now to look.

ANNOUNCER: What could they be looking at, besides an offside?