Arsenal vs. CSKA Moscow | 2017-18 UEFA Europa League Highlights

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Watch full first leg highlights between Arsenal and CSKA Moscow.

ANNOUNCER 1: Good result for Arsenal in this one.

ANNOUNCER 2: It was. They were impressive from the onset of this game. Started with some wonderful movement, some interchange between both Ramsey, Wilshere. This one from Bellerin finds Ramsey right in the middle of box. Right before that, he's just signalling, got his hands up in the air. Finds a really good spot just off the top of the 6-yard box and buries it.

And then Golovin gets fouled here by Koscielny, who just comes out. It's a really reckless challenge. Free kick, top of the box. 21-year-old Russian, member of the Russian national team, bends that beauty into the top corner.

ANNOUNCER 3: Don't put any blame on Petr Cech there. Wonderful strike. What we've seen in Arsenal in recent weeks is a good response. They've got character. They've got a few leaders now, which is important, and this being one of them. I thought Ozil was excellent in the first 45 minutes to an hour. For me, it's a definite penalty. He comes from the side. Referee gave himself 5, 10 seconds to make sure he was right. And Lacazette, penalty at the weekend. Gets another one. Give him some confidence.

ANNOUNCER 2: And then Arsenal kept going. And this little pass from Ozil right here.


ANNOUNCER 2: Stand it up. And you think Aaron Ramsey's in all kinds of space here. Maybe could he bring it down, maybe take an extra touch. No, just lifts it with the softest of touches up over Akinfeev.

ANNOUNCER 3: But that's the confidence they've got now. You've said three or four weeks ago, probably would have controlled it and tried to bring someone else in the game. But their one-touch movement, this is what we expect from Arsenal. Great belief, and there's Lacazette . Nice first touch. And he just--

ANNOUNCER 2: Great finish.

ANNOUNCER 3: --tucks it away in a corner.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, they kept going, Arsenal. This is a moment in the match, though, that-- one you don't want to see, because Mkhitaryan was in really good form. Him and Ozil were on another level, along with Aaron Ramsey. He asked to go off. You can see the disappointment in his face. So if there was a damper on the night for Arsenal, that was certainly it.

ANNOUNCER 3: Again, Iwobi coming on, trying to find people at the far post. It just maybe wasn't as clinical, but they knew the job was done in the first 45 minutes. I thought their performance is as good as what they've had this year, against a decent CSKA Moscow, who went forward and tried one or two problems. But I think Arsenal are confident enough to see this off and get into the semifinals now.

ANNOUNCER 2: Now look very comfortable. Just towards the end, they just kept prodding, trying to find little gaps. Ramsey was inches away from here getting his second on the night-- third on the night, a hat trick. Him and Lacazette were both on a hat trick, and both came very close to it. Good day, Mr. Wenger.

ANNOUNCER 1: Exactly. 4-1, a nice-looking score line for them. So Arsenal's good form continuing today. The Gunners winners of five straight in all competitions, including three consecutive victories in the Europa League.