Atletico Madrid vs. Sporting CP | 2017-18 UEFA Europa League Highlights

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Watch full first leg highlights between Atletico Madrid and Sporting CP.

- --one in the back of the net. And in the Europa League, Diego Simeone's men hoping to strike first blood against visitors, Sporting. And Sporting didn't make it too tricky for them.

- They shot themselves in the foot early on in this one. To concede after-- I think it was 23 seconds after I figured out the math--


Koke gets in behind here.

- What do you mean you've figured out the math? The numbers are on the screen.



- 23 seconds. And then Mathieu, who had some time--

- Everybody makes mistakes.

- --at Barcelona, gives the ball away to Griezmann.

- You can't do that to them.

- That one will be finished.

- That's why I didn't expose it. But Griezmann, I'm glad to see him. I like him in forward there, the quality of the World Cup coming along. And he's a natural finisher.

Second half was a little bit disappointing. But again, they keep making these mistakes.

- They tried, didn't they?

- [INAUDIBLE] comfortable score like that for Athletico. And you wouldn't say that definitely in, but you'd say they've got a great chance with someone like him. But a little bit of rust there maybe.

- It was chance after chance. This was a really poor challenge to catch him from behind.

- The defender went and said sorry straight away because he knew it was Costa. But you just worry with that ankle. But they've got enough quality and he's a proper player.

- There you go, 2-0 the final score in that one. That's Athletico now with a perfect 5 wins out of 5 in this knockout stage. Los [INAUDIBLE] captured the inaugural addition of the Europa League. That was back in 2010 after dropping down from the Champions League. History, certainly looking capable of repeating itself that this point.