Chicago Fire vs. Portland Timbers | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between Chicago Fire and Portland Timbers.

- He changes this team, Bastian Schweinsteiger in the midfield. Another important cog, there, wearing the captain's armband, Dax McCarty. And off we go, Brandon Vincent.

- Been in quicker than everyone else.

- Blanco, he's been the danger man this season for Portland. Adi is to his left, Valeri to the right. Valeri in, shoots-- Diego Valeri doesn't take Portland long! Just six minutes in, they open up the festivities!

- Getting him involved early into the match, especially the attack in third. Blanco shows tremendous strength here, just to hold off Tchani. And then just Valeri making a great run.

- Paredes. Knocked around. Adi. Schweinsteiger, the save! And then Sanchez makes a stop, as well. He might've got some help from the crossbar.

- You see how this ball comes in. It just bounces, comes to Adi, here. Just overpowers, Schweinsteiger does. Unbelievable just to dive and initially put a block on that. You can just see it, it goes wide. And then Sanchez, I'll tell you what-- extremely difficult from there. Shows a lot of strength.

- Schweinsteiger dancing his way through the midfield. Nikolic, back to Schweinsteiger. Brandon Vincent. Cross coming! Nemanja Nikolic back at it! He's got his third of the season! And the Fire have leveled. It! And that's what Nikolic needs. Great work here, great footwork here by Schweinsteiger. A little give-and-go.

Nikolic is the one that plays it back to him. Vincent in a good spot. Great ball on.

- Paredes. Blanco straight away. Flores scoops it in. Blanco! Portland recovers their lead. Blanco has his third of the season.

- Coming out. And you can just see this ball. Look where Blanco is. The ball's played out wide, and then there's numbers in the box.

It's just that no one really tracks Blanco. And it's not that he's the biggest target in there. You have Adi, there. You know? And he plays that ball wide, and no one seems to track or follow him, and great ball in. But even a better finish for me from there.

- Schweinsteiger, knocked in. Brandon Vincent, he does it again against Portland! He has leveled the match!

- Much time on the ball to get a set up and put the perfect delivery in there. Portland very small to go out and close them down.

This Fire team is going to get some opportunities. The midfield three here for Portland is extremely tired.

- Gordon. Nikolic shooting-- over the crossbar, but coming close for the first lead of the afternoon. Closed down by Chará, but Campos maintains control. Drew Connor, Gordon, diving save there by Jake Gleeson on Alan Gordon!

- Pitch, and then it gets forward, and, to the end of this cross, gets a good ball there.

- A late corner. Rather, the final whistle. First point of the season for the Chicago Fire. They had to come from behind twice.