San Jose Earthquakes vs. New York City FC | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between San Jose Earthquakes and New York City FC.

ANNOUNCER 1: --into second place overall with his goal in their last game against Kansas City. Near-post flick, and they're on the board immediately. It's Yeferson Quintana. Welcome to California. The young Uruguayan, with his first goal for his new club.

ANNOUNCER 2: --has always been an Achilles heel for New York City. And this is the argument. Listen, as an ex-player, Adrian, I look at it, I hate zonal marking. Now, this--

ANNOUNCER 1: --have five in the box, a couple just outside of here for this corner from Moralez. Oh, it was a fine volley. And what a strike from Tinnerholm-- full-blooded. The Swede strikes. It's a goal worthy of any match.

ANNOUNCER 2: Watch Callens at the top of your screen with Danny Hoesen, along with Yangel Herrera. And because they're standing there, that didn't allow the San Jose defenders to get to the top of the 18. And an absolute screamer from Tinnerholm. But that space doesn't open up if it's the--

ANNOUNCER 1: This is un-- Tajouri-Shradi is just-- and Moralez, he's done it!


ANNOUNCER 1: Tajouri-Shradi made it happen.

ANNOUNCER 2: --quick. He's great in 1-v-1 situations, but then it's the--

--in LA, Jason Kreis at RSL, Greg Vanney-- well, that was as easy as a--

ANNOUNCER 1: Moralez to finish it. Oh, he didn't. Lima, stationed on the line--

ANNOUNCER 2: I mean, what is San Jose doing?

ANNOUNCER 1: --hurrah.

ANNOUNCER 2: Keep an eye on Wondolowski on the back post.

ANNOUNCER 1: Tarbell is forward, and he got on the end of the corner. And that does it. A pump of the fist from Sean Johnson. He is one of the big heroes, holding on here. Big saves from him in the second half.