Rondon scores fantastic volley for West Brom vs. Southampton | 2017-18 FA Cup Highlights

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Watch Salomon Rondon score a spectacular goal for West Brom in the FA Cup.

- --everywhere at the moment. The West Brom champion really putting in a ship. They are looking for Rondon. What a finish. What a finish by Salomon Rondon. That's more like it from West Brom. And they are right back in the tie.

- Tell you what. This time, this goal had [INAUDIBLE] written all over it. What about this one? Some finish from Salomon Rondon. Hope for Alan Pardew. It's a good pick-out. As you call it, that is stunning. Definitely needed to get back in the game quickly. And they act on it. A moment of brilliance from Rondon.

- Well, throughout the first half, there was a real lack of confidence--