Napoli vs. RB Leipzig | 2017-18 UEFA Europa League Highlights

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Watch first leg highlights between Napoli and RB Leipzig.

ANNOUNCER 1: We'll also take a look at Napoli hosting Leipzig. Pick it up with Napoli on the move.

ANNOUNCER 2: This was a surprise. Napoli at home are very, very good, and they started the game well, and that's a very good finish. Keep the ball moving, tight angle, they tuck it away, and they'd expect [INAUDIBLE] to go on, but this young German team, we've seen them in the Bundesliga. They press, they push people down. They're hungry, they score goals. I like them.

ANNOUNCER 3: And this is just a perfect move from Leipzig. Pressing high up the field, picking it up, just what Hasenhuttl wants. Good movement, one two. Cut back from Kevin Kampl, and Timo Werner rolls it in, and then look out.

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, some good movement, unselfish. Werner's done very well. Got rookie of the month and that award is one of three that maybe get that, the young Portugese player outside chance of being in the World Cup, but he keeps playing the way he is, he's got a chance.

ANNOUNCER 3: And the Swede, Forsberg lays it off, and who? Timo Werner yet again.