Ostersunds FK vs. Arsenal | 2017-18 UEFA Europa League Highlights

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Watch first leg highlights between Ostersunds FK and Arsenal.

ANNOUNCER 1: --Sweden in this one. Arsenal taking the corner quickly.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yep, and eventually, as you see here, it comes to the goalkeeper, and he just fumbles this one right into the path of Nacho Monreal-- reacts first. It's a really poor piece of goalkeeping there, and was the beginning of a very long night for the Swedish side.

ANNOUNCER 3: I thought Arsenal were very professional getting people going forward, but they played into their hands, trying to play out from the back. That's not your game. And then the wicked deflection takes it in. And Mkhitaryan will be pleased to be involved in this game, get some more fitness, feel part of the team. I thought Ozil had a bit of class when he did get on the ball. And all in all, it's pretty comfortable for Arsenal.

ANNOUNCER 2: And they just kept plodding away. It was chance after chance. Mesut Ozil streaking through midfield, and then just fumbles that one home. And then we almost got a plot twist right at the end. And it was a penalty decision. Bellerin brings him down. Up steps the center back, the captain. Oh, no. Ospina makes the save.